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What is the role of rolling molding
Release Time:2018-05-02 03:30:28
Our common plastics and composites are extruded, blow molding, injection molding and so on. In addition, rolling plastic is also a processing method of plastic products. The rolling plastic industry has developed rapidly in foreign countries, but the development speed of the rolling plastic industry is far lower than that of other plastic forming and processing industries because of the slow processing cycle and the limitation of the materials used in China. Fangda rotational molding is a professional production of automatic rotary molding machine and the provision of car urea cans. Today, we will explain the role of rotational molding.
Rotational molding technology emerged in 930s. After 60 years of development, its equipment and technology have been developed. Today's toys are made by rolling molding, from small children's toys to common car plastic parts until huge engineering plastic products, especially super large and non - standard hollow plastic products. Because of the limitation of the plastic processing technology itself, it can only be completed by the rotational molding process. In general, rotational molding is mainly used in thermoplastic materials, and thermosetting materials such as crosslinked polyethylene are also developing rapidly. Because the rolling molding does not require higher injection pressure, higher shear rate, or accurate polymer metering, the mold and machine are lower and the service life is long.