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Technological characteristics of mould for rolling equipment
Release Time:2018-05-02 03:29:54
. A rotating tower type multi arm rolling machine is a rotating tower equipment that has three or four arms on a turntable that can carry the mold, and circulate around a point on three or four workstations. Because the mechanical arm is on a turntable, it is suitable for producing products with the same product life cycle.
2. Independent multi arm roll shaping machine independent multi arm rolling plastic equipment is equipped with three or four arms on three relatively independent turntables, three turntables around one point can rotate independently and freely, so that one arm entering the next workstation does not affect the position of other arms and the process of addition, the independent arm is configured in the molding process. More flexible.
3, the shuttling type double arm rolling machine is a linear combination, the middle is the combustor, the two side is the cooling room and the loading and unloading one. When the rotary arm die into the oven is heated, the other side is cooled or unloaded on the other side, the operation is flexible, the utilization rate of the combustion chamber is high, the arm of the machine can carry a heavier mold and suits the system. Bigger products and easy maintenance. The size and size of the combustor can be designed and manufactured according to customer needs.
4. Direct combustion rolling machine direct flaming swing equipment is through the mould up and down, right and left rotation, directly through the way of heating the fire to complete production, equipment cost is low, suitable for manufacturing large, huge plastic hollow products.