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The production process of the rolling machine
Release Time:2018-05-02 03:25:41
The roller plastic machine is an indispensable machine in the plastic production equipment at present in our country. The following big rolling plastic will give you a brief introduction of the production process of the roll plastic machine, and hope to bring some help to you.
Before the rolling machine is rolled, some good moulds are prepared and placed on the rotary arm of the rolling machine. The rolling machine is usually composed of the heating chamber and the arm, and some with the cooling device such as the spray water atomization or the cooling fan. It's on the machine. Then, plastic resin powder is placed in each mold and then heated at two angles of rotation, vertical and horizontal. The melted resin adheres tightly to the hot mold and the outer layer. After heating to a certain time, it is necessary to stop the heating but continue to rotate to the die temperature, so that the die will continue to rotate until the thickness of each part remains the same. After the die temperature is reached, the mold is opened, the product is removed from the mold cavity, and then the new resin is added to the next rotation.