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How is the running mode of the rolling molding machine
Release Time:2018-05-02 03:24:23
, batching roller molding machine, also known as the fixed arm hobbing machine, the equipment has a fixed position in the oven roller molding arm. The rolling molding frame with both main and secondary axes is pushed into the oven by artificial or machine tools. The rolling arm locks the spindle of the frame and turns the frame to drive the die along the main and auxiliary axis in the vertical direction in the coming year, and gives the heating. After the heating end, the main shaft of the frame and the fixed arm in the oven are removed. Open and pull the frame out of the oven and send it to the cooling chamber to cool to the required temperature.
The frame from the heating to the cooling room can be realized through a roller or a small car. In the process of moving the frame, the mold can still be continuously rotated along the two vertical directions of the main and the pairs. The cooling is also carried out under the rotation. The rotating arm depends on the fixed roller arm set in the cooling or the roller arm on the mobile car.
2, the main feature of the semi-automatic rotational molding machine is that the rotational molding rack is automatically moved from the feeding and stripping station to the heating and cooling station. Semi automatic rotational molding machine has single arm type, double arm type and multi arm type.
Single arm rolling molding machine
It has only one arm, a spindle, and two kinds of swing and straight lines. The common feature is that they have at least two workplaces, that is, heating position and feeding, stripping, cooling station, and there are adding, separating and cooling station, and setting up three workplaces. The advantages of the single arm rotary molding machine are simple structure and low price, but the heating oven can not be fully utilized and the production efficiency is low. This kind of equipment is beneficial to trial production, trial production and production of small batch products.
Double arm rolling machine
It has two arms, that is, two spindles, and each spindle is equipped with a countershaft. Usually, the rotational molding machine is equipped with two cooling chambers for an oven, and the oven is used for two arms in turn. The main advantage of the double arm rotational molding machine is that the oven can be fully utilized, and only two arms are needed, compared with that of the multi arm rotary molding machine.
Multi arm rolling molding machine
It has three or more arms, and the number of arms is usually fitted with the number of work posts. Each arm is equipped with a countershaft. The number of arms in the arm is usually three. The three arm rotary molding machine usually has three workstations for feeding and stripping, heating and cooling. The four arm rotary molding machine usually has charging and stripping and heating.