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Design of mould for large rolling machine
Release Time:2018-05-02 03:23:56
What factors do you need for the design of large rotary molding machines? You must be interested in this problem as well as Xiaobian, so let's have a look at it.
A roll forming product is usually set in a percentage of dimensions. The designer should be committed to the final profit allowing the concept of the maximum tolerance as wide as possible. Excessive set of tolerances will inevitably lead to cost rise, mold dressing or product processing.
The size of the final product has two designs compared to that of that two. The first is the quality and accuracy of the model. This part can be used for the correlator processing model, and the second variables are used to make the shrinkage of the model. The shrinkage must be determined by the material, size, product thickness and the data that the product has been collected.
It is important to pay attention to the free formation of the inner surface of the rolling products. It should not be used with tolerances. Crystalline materials such as polyethylene, nylon will have a large amount of shrinkage and are easy to change during the cycle. Non crystalline rubbing, such as polycarbonate, PVC can withstand a larger cycle of compiling, and the size of the product has a lower compilation.
The design of the product in the cooling stage is decisive for the shrinkage mode -- mold core, geometric shape change, any tolerances that limit the free shrinkage of the product and constriction of the mode. The addition of reinforcing agent to the material will affect the shrinkage of the product, and the fiber or glass ball will reduce the shrinkage rate in large amount. In addition, it is recommended to use a larger dialing angle.
Besides, there are many factors to be considered in the design of large rotational molding machines, which requires designers to have some design experience.